What our Clients are saying:

“Your ideas added so much value to our home”

“You saved us so much money in construction”

“My wife and I joked that it was time to see our ‘counselor’. You analyzed everything we said. We had fun in every meeting and learned a lot at the same time”

“You didn’t let us make some of the mistakes we wanted to make.”

“We could tell our builder enjoyed implementing your ideas.”

“Our friends said they would never build again, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Our builder said that it all starts with a good plan.”

“We built once before, and the builder had to make lots of changes. This time our rough carpenter said ‘If Mike designed it, it can be done’.”

“Even though another designer was $1000 cheaper, we were more confident in you. We realized that you could make up that difference by eliminating as little as five square feet of poorly used space.”

These are actual quotes. Out of respect for the privacy of our clients, we decline to identify them.

Thank you to the wonderful West Michigan contractors we have had the pleasure of working with:

Alberta Builders
Brian Zevenbergen, Builder
Groot Builders
J.L. Koetje
Jonathon Kamps Carpentry
Jim Rau Builders
Lighthart Luxury Homes
Michael Bosveld, Builder
Roger Roosien
S & D Kuiper Builders  
TenKate Builders
Tim Verstrate Custom Homes  
Jim Alberta
Brian Zevenbergen
Bob Groot
John Lee Koetje
Jonathon Kamps
Jim Rau
Ray Lighthart
Michael Bosveld
Roger Roosien
Doc Kuiper
Laurens TenKate
Tim VerStrate

Come see why these builders and hundreds of homeowners throughout West Michigan have chosen Baroque Residential Designers to plan their dream homes.