About Us

Baroque Residential Designers has been a mainstay in the West Michigan design community. Since the 1970’s we have planned thousands of homes, additions and remodeled projects in all styles and sizes. We have built a reputation for creative designs that are sensible both to build and live in. Our expertise is in well designed homes, regardless of size. We work with both builders and homeowners in every price range home, tailoring each plan to the homeowners’ tastes and preferences.

Our Team
Our design team is lead by Mike Lotterman, who is involved in every plan we produce. He is responsible for meeting with each client and then developing the design of floor plans and exterior views. He also oversees the drafting of the construction documents which are necessary to build your home.


“It’s not just about how it looks. It's about how it lives.”

A well designed home is one that is thoughtfully planned and is full of practical features which personalize the home. It not only meets the initial needs of the occupant, but also meets those needs as life’s changes occur. Our goal is to analyze the design from very practical viewpoints.
For the homeowner:
                What will it be like to greet guests at the front entry?
                To bring groceries from the rear entry?
                To distribute laundry from the work area to the bedrooms?
                Are there awkward sightlines?
                Is there proper wall space in the rooms?
                Is natural light passing through the rooms suitably?
                Do the window placements promote the views?
For the contractor:
                Can it be built sensibly?
                Will it be structurally sound?
                Are conventional materials being used?
                Are all applicable codes being met?
                Are the drawings thorough and accurate?
The first design solution we produce is rarely the last. We will wrestle with your plan, thoroughly analyzing its strengths and offering improvements until we have reached the best design solution.

“Even good ideas can be made better”